Losing teeth or in the process of losing all of your teeth? Dr. Robert Q. Marshall and Dr. Armstrong offer implants to fully restore your smile and promote your long-term oral health and function.

Full Mouth dental implantsWe offer a solution to change your smile and your life. No matter the condition of your teeth, the full mouth or All-on-4 dental implant revolutionary treatment can restore your smile – in just hours. Your new permanent teeth that are locked down by dental implants offer a secure, lasting fit.

Eat, smile and live life again with a new set of teeth!

A permanent set of teeth are secured by four titanium dental implants, making this option long-lasting and cost-effective. With the All-on-4 same-day tooth solution, you’ll be able to eat and chew as if you had your natural teeth. Restore the look and function of your natural teeth in ONE day.

full mouth dental implantsAdvantages of New Teeth in 1 Day Implants:

  • New teeth in hours
  • Long-term investment in health, no need to replace
  • Beautiful, secure teeth in one visit
  • Smile, talk and eat with confidence
  • Prevents bone loss
  • Maintain your youthful appearance
  • Save time in the dental chair and money

Full-mouth dental implants, often called All-on-4 dental implants, offer a permanent solution for missing teeth and are an attractive alternative to dentures.

full mouth dental implantsUnlike removable dentures, a permanent set of denture implants gives you a secure fitting, lasting new smile. You won’t have to replace implants multiple times like dentures.

No more removable teeth. No more hiding your smile. You can get a confident new smile in just one day. Eat all the food you enjoy. Smile, talk and eat without fear. Come see us for a consult to learn about a new set of teeth.

Call today for your complimentary dental implant consultation. See the difference in your smile.

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